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You all belong to a mercenary group. You have been working as an “acquisition” team for some time now under the employ of a man named Min-Kor. He has been employing your group, for over a 2 years now. He recruited each of you and formed your team. You have collected many items for him since your inception to his employment, and where you are all individuals with your own agendas, you have formed a professional team. You are held together by his design, and have been given no reasons by Min-Kor to perform otherwise. Your teams success have always been rewarded by the finest of off time living conditions, and excellent intel for missions. You are as loyal as the rewards you earn, and you are rewarded well. You each bare a wrist mark from him. It helps to mask your alignment, as many of your targets of acquisition have been in places where your “kind” are not tolerated. It has averted the eyes of those that would seek to ferret out your treachery, and maintaining your anonymity.
Your current mission has taken you to Absolom in search of a relic text known to you only as “the book”.
Your bearer marks allow you to identify the needed pieces you acquire so that no mistake is made, and even the most beguiling disguises have failed at this locative magic.

Min-Kor Mercenaries : Chapter 2

Your group has returned to Min-Kor with “the book” and he is pleased. You have been given 3 weeks of down time for liberty, training and crafting. After the third week, Min-Kor summons you to his chambers.
You are being assigned a new task of recovery. There is a dwarven forge located deep in the bowels of the Mindspin Mountains. They forge many metals there, but one in particularly higher supply is adamantine. This source is well protected, and secret to much of Golarion. There have been forged four skulls, each the size of a humans’. You are to collect all 4 adamantine skulls and return them. The insertion point is an ancient necropolis that was abandoned long ago. It access the vent tubing for the forges and will allow access to them without direct knowledge of the dwarven inhabitants.

In game stuff.
The mark masks your alignment as an undetectable alignment spell CL 12.
The mark also affords one Teamwork feat to the wearers. You all choose, but it must be the same feat.
Mark also functions as a focused Locate Object spell with a continuous duration.
The mark does no affect magic Item slots.

Build Rules

  • Pathfinder only, but will entertain 3.5 content requests for Items and Spells and maybe a feat or two.
  • 25 point build.
  • 4th Level Start
  • Standard Wealth by Level for equipment, so 6000 gp start.
  • Item creation is allowed, but you better have the correct feat and Spellcraft ranks/bonuses to create an Item based off of the Caster Level of that Item taking 10. I will be checking.
  • No Chaotic Evil, but you do not have to be goodie two shoes either.
  • The party will already know each other, and have belonged to the adventuring party since level 1, it just makes this all easier.
  • No resource restrictions, so if it is in a published Paizo Pathfinder book, you can use it with the exception of the new races supplement. Talk to me about anything you may wish to use from that. No 3rd party stuff unless you REALLY REALLY want it, and you can convince me it is cool and not game breaking.
  • I will be using the rule that if you roll a natural 1 in a combat, then you must confirm the critical fumble for it to bone your character. In other words, if you roll a nat 1, I will use the second roll that is provided in D20PRO to verify if you are hosed. I may be using the critical fumble/hit deck. I have not decided fully.
  • Max hit points to Level 4. You will need them.
  • HP after level 4: Half hit die average + half hit die roll. Example is a Ranger with a d10 hit die would get 5+d5 roll (d10/2) for HP + Con.
  • This campaign will be a guided sandbox with a long term, but not obvious plot.
  • Soft cover rule. Chris introduced the soft cover rule in his game, which I have apparently been ignoring for most of my gaming career even though it is RAW (Rules As Written). I am going to use it, but with the exception that if you have a feat that enhances your ranged Precision (like Precise Shot perhaps?) then soft cover will be ignored. I never saw Legolas have a problem with Soft Cover. I feel that the Soft Cover rule nerfs Archers and other ranged characters that spend feats to be good at ranged combat. Now they are un-nerfed.
  • Character backgrounds are welcome but need not be super detailed. This game will take lace in Golarion, but I have not chose where as of yet. So standard Deities and world use for backgrounds.

Home Page

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